Bearing Disability: The Blue Badge Scheme

A brilliant blog explaining the issues with the Blue Badge and disability programme. If you don’t know much about Blue Badges/Disability/Mobility. Give this a read because it will answer all your questions!

Little Sea Bear


This post will discuss two Blue Badge related topics. The first topic is the changes to the Blue Badge Scheme that are due to take place in 2019—which will include the current eligibility, the proposed eligibility and what the changes mean. The second topic is about how the system works in terms of car parks and the PIP disability benefits which cause a disadvantage in the scheme.

Hopefully, this will build awareness of the welcomed changes and currently flawed system.

Changes to the Blue Badge:

This is actually something I think the government have done right around the subject of disability. Something that is not usually said nowadays with the implementation of the disability benefit, PIP.

So, what have the government actually done right for a change?

They have opened up the Blue Badge scheme to those that have invisible disabilities.

For those of you who do not know, the…

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